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Nezu (根ね津づ ) also better known as Mr. Principal.  Nezu is the principal of U.A. High School. He is an incredibly unusual specimen of an animal possessing a Quirk.

Quick Info

Kanji Name 根ね津づ
Rōmaji Name Nedzu
Birthday January 1
Height 85 cm
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Quirk High Spec
Japanese Voice Yasuhiro Takato
English Voice Jerry Jewell


Nezu is a stout guy who looks to be a chimera, a potential hybrid of numerous distinct creatures, including a dog, a mouse, and a bear. He has a mouse’s head with round black eyes, a huge scar over the right one, somewhat rectangular-shaped ears with light pink interiors slanting outwards from the top of his head, and an extended mouth with a little round nose. His hair is white, and he has huge, dog-like paws with pink pads and a cat-like slender tail.

He’s dressed up in a white dress shirt with a dark red tie around his neck, a black double-breasted waistcoat, and matching dress slacks. He wears orange lace-up shoes with unusually thick soles that seem to be fairly enormous on him, quite similar to the ones Izuku Midoriya typically wears.


Enhanced Capabilities:

As an animal (whether a dog, mouse or bear), Nezu possesses above-average hearing and smell senses.

Tea Brewing:

Nezu appreciates a nice cup of tea and is well-versed in its preparation.

Industrial Crane Driving:

To confront Mina Ashido and Denki Kaminari during the First Term Final Exam, Nezu employed a massive wrecking ball to cause chain reaction damage.


Because of the high intellect bestowed upon him by his Quirk, Nezu is an outstanding strategist capable of carrying out complex schemes in a short period of time. This was most evident during his Final Exam duel with Mina and Denki, when he used a big crane to ruin their surroundings and drop debris down around them, prompting both students to leave in terror. Nezu predicted their motions and demolished the buildings, causing chain reactions that blocked all but one of their exits. This technique caused them to concentrate on avoiding the devastation rather than looking for the last escape gate, resulting in them both failing the practical combat owing to their time restriction running out.

Security Planning and Management:

As Principal of U.A. High School, Nezu is responsible for the upkeep of the school’s superior security system. Most notably, the U.A. Barrier will cause massive walls to rise and shut off the entrance if anybody attempts to enter the institution without a student ID or guest card. Following the Paranormal Liberation War, Nezu improves U.A.’s security by transforming the grounds into shelters that can move into an underground network and transfer to various safe spots, basically seeing the school’s infrastructure as a gaming board. Furthermore, there are three thousand layers of bulwark plates between the surface and subterranean bunkers that may separate and delay assaults if the school’s system detects anything out of the norm. Furthermore, as a preventive step against Himiko Toga’s Quirk, those seeking sanctuary at U.A. are required to wait for a specified amount of time before entering, to guarantee that her transformation time restriction has expired.

Quirk High Spec:

Nezu’s Quirk provides him a degree of intellect that beyond that of humans. Despite being an animal, Nezu’s Quirk allows him to live freely as if he were a human.

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