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L Lawliet (October 31, 1982) A fictional character from death note

Death Note Character L

L is a fictional character from an Anime called Death note. L is a world-renowned detective who accepts the task of apprehending the serial killer known as Kira. L becomes suspicious of Light Yagami during his investigation and sets out to prove that Light is Kira.

Name L
Real name L Lawliet
Created by Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata.
Created Date/Birthdate October 31, 1982
Voice Actor Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese)

Alessandro Juliani ( English)

Short biography

L is said to be a tall, disheveled, gaunt young man in his twenties with a pale complexion and visible dark circles October 31, 1982 under his eyes. He is a recluse who is socially inept, awkward, and somewhat misanthropic. He has a number of notable quirks and eccentricities, such as holding things with his index finger and thumb, crouching instead of sitting, mostly walking around barefoot, and having an unnatural fondness for sweets, cakes, candies, dairy foods, and confectionery foods. He is seen eating only these foods, but this diet has no discernible effect on his health and physiology.

Despite these quirks, he is a highly-skilled, intellectually astute, and brilliant criminologist/crime investigator. He may appear cold and cynical, and he frequently employs dubious methods. He mostly solves cases out of boredom rather than a sense of duty. Unlike Kira, he has a strict moral code, is aware of his own flaws and shortcomings, and is unwilling to violate morally repugnant standards.

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L background story

L was discovered by Watari at the age of eight and taken to Wammy’s House, an orphanage for gifted children. Watari later realized that L possessed extraordinary intelligence and aided him in his cases.  L began his career as a detective at a young, unknown age and rose to become known as the greatest detective in the world, whose opinion is highly valued.

L Character in Netflix film (Death Note)

L’s character and background have changed significantly, as in the television drama. Prior to the events of the film, L was raised in a New York orphanage where he and several other children were trained by Watari to become the world’s greatest detectives. Soon after L’s departure, the orphanage was closed down. L also didn’t get enough sleep, ate nothing but sweets, and needed Watari’s help to stay alive. L exhibits aggressive behavior toward the film’s third act, causing him to shout and even break things when he is enraged.

When Watari is killed, L’s rage consumes him, and he takes a gun in an attempt to avenge his mentor, but he is knocked unconscious by a Kira worshipper before he can shoot Light. L is apprehended by the police and is able to avoid prison due to his contacts in the government, but he is deported and will be sent back to Japan. L remembers Mia’s involvement with Light before his plane takes off, and he breaks into Mia’s house. He goes through her belongings and discovers a page of the Death Note with the names of FBI agents written on it. L grabs a pen and considers writing Light’s name down out of rage.

In the drama adaptation, L undergoes significant changes. Unlike his manga and anime counterparts, this live-action L sits properly, albeit with his feet on tables and his legs crossed, wears shoes on a regular basis, and prefers energy drinks to sweets and candy. He is also depicted as far more daring, as evidenced in episode 2 when he accuses Light and several other suspects of being Kira over the phone without even using a voice scrambler. He expresses more emotions than L in the manga, screaming during his fight with Light and laughing when he realizes he has Light cornered.

L Character in Drama

In the drama, L has a much closer relationship with Near, and the two of them talk on the phone on a regular basis. L is wary of Near’s “Mello” personality and does not hesitate to reprimand Mello when he appears. L tries to keep Near safe for this reason, but he ultimately fails when Near escapes the Wammy House. L values Near’s a contribution to the Higuchi case and respects his status as a world-renowned detective, and the two spend time together in person.

L voice Actor

Kappei Yamaguchi plays the L Japanese voice character in Anime. Similarly, Alessandro Juliani plays the English voice actor of L.


Alessandro Juliani
Alessandro Juliani Source: Google
Kappei Yamaguchi
Kappei Yamaguchi Source: Google

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