Married Life of Tim Roth And Nikki Butler

Know About Married Life of Tim Roth And Nikki Butler

Longtime friends Tim Roth and Tarantino. Years ago, when Tarantino only had the script for Reservoir Dogs, they started hanging out at his place. After reading the entire script together, Roth’s partner in crime and co-producer saw the potential in the project and quickly signed on to produce it. Some of Roth’s best-known works are those he created in tandem with the legendary director.

However, the meeting with Tarantino had far-reaching effects on his personal life as well as his career. His personal life greatly improved after he met and worked with the director of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but chance also played a significant role.

At the ‘Reservoir Dogs’ Premiere Tim Roth Met His Future Wife

At the Reservoir Dogs premiere at the 1992 Sundance Film Festival, Roth and Tarantino were both in a positive frame of mind. There would also be Roth’s future wife present, who neither of them knew about at the time. Nikki Butler, a well-known fashion designer, was in Salt Lake City, but she opted out of attending. She was, instead, on a ski trip with her pals. When they finally did meet, a spark didn’t immediately fly. She hadn’t seen any of his films, and he was immediately smitten, but she struck him as un-gettable. When asked about her, he told The Observer that she was “out of [his] league — too tall and lovely.” Roth almost missed the target with his attempt.

When a common friend set them up on a date, everything altered. He recalled that after their initial encounter, they were kissing at the bar 20 minutes later. One year later, while he was filming in Belize, they tied the knot. When asked about his wedding, Roth said, “We decided to sneak away and do it on a movie set.” He got an arm tattoo of her initials, drank with a friend (perhaps to gain courage for the impending proposal), and then went back to Butler to pop the question. Possibly, he gave her a pleasant scare; she thought he was going to break up with her.

Life with Tim Roth’s Family (Wife and Kids)

Before meeting Butler, Roth already had one child. Jack Roth, his first child, was born to him and his then-girlfriend Lori Baker in 1984 when he was just 23 years old. Since marrying his wife, he has had two more children: Timothy Hunter (named after Hunter S. Thompson) in 1995 and Michael Cormac on January 5, 1996. He moved to Los Angeles long before settling down with Butler and starting a family. After settling down with a wife, he raised a family in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood.

Timothy is the most reserved of his children, but they all have jobs in the entertainment industry. There are more than 34 movies, TV shows, or music videos in which Jack has appeared. In the year 2020, Michael Cormac Roth is a member of the music team at New Order. He is also a composer and producer whose work can be heard on services like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

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