Heisenwolf Was Responsible For The Death Of 6 People In Car Accident

Known as Heisenwolf on YouTube, Amado Gonzalez has been arrested on charges of murdering six people. He was taken to a hospital in Mexico.

Around Atlacomulco on September 18th, there was a traffic collision. He was driving a red and white Chevrolet Camaro in the wrong lane and crashed into a taxi, as reported by El Universal, a Mexican newspaper. Images captured at the scene of the collision revealed both Camaro hoods to be completely mangled.

Six people were killed altogether; three at the scene and three in the hospital. Among the dead was a 10-year-old child, and the rest varied in age from 26 to 56. According to the victim’s uncle, the 10-year-old was the pride of the family and they just wanted justice. Following his release from the hospital, on October 5 Amado will appear in court to face murder charges. There has already been a manslaughter investigation launched.

An Overview of Heisenwolf

Heisenwolf, a YouTuber who was born on July 24, 1996, is famous for his short films that often last no more than three minutes. His channel used to have Yu-Gi-Oh videos, but he removed them. As of September 2017, his channel had only one video: Death Note (Netflix) in 3 Minutes or Less/Heisenwolf.

As of this writing (June 2019), he has a second video out titled Monarch Deck in 3 Minutes or Less. The programming was well-liked by subscribers, and the channel’s creator attracted a sizable following.

The first section is titled “3 minutes or less,” and it contains comedic mini-reviews of YouTubers, clothing, and other topics. The next section, “Memelogy,” details the history, year of inception, current status, and rating of a particular internet meme.

Next is the musically-themed “Exe,” and then there’s the unfinished “Doctor Lobexno Analyzes,” in which Gonzalez laments the “disease” of the internet. Watch “11 Reasons,” a video in which a YouTuber lists eleven positive assumptions about the world and explains why no one ever has a terrible day. The final segment, titled “Alch nobody asked you Heisenwolf,” is a podcast in which he elaborates on a number of topics.

Gonzalez has collaborated with artists such as Chimmy Cabrera, KaiserWolf, and Boser Salseo Futbolero. He got into an argument with Mario Aguilar in December of 2018, during which he made his infamous comment, before later deleting the video. The Worst Mexican Villains, Gonzalez’s most recent video, has been liked 18,000 times and has 170 comments. Unfortunately, details about his life and academic history remain sketchy.

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