STAYC Isa’s Performance On Inkigayo

Due To An Ankle Injury STAYC Isa’s Performance On Inkigayo Has Been Canceled

The girl group STAYC is not scheduled to perform at today’s Inkigayo show (July 31). A member, Isa, was injured in an ankle accident, rendering her useless in this setting. The group’s remaining five members will press on with their ISAC recording and autograph signing (Idol Star Athletics Championships).

Isa, whose real name is Lee Chae-young and who is 20 years old, debuted with the group that year. She enjoys her role as lead singer for the Stereotypes. The members of SWITH were shocked by the news and felt bad for the singer. They posted messages on social media expressing their concern and hoping for a speedy recovery for the icon.

STAYC Isa’s Presence at Any Upcoming Events

Isa, 20, will miss the upcoming publicity appearances. These things are an Inkigayo concert, an autograph signing, and ISAC 2022. Those SWITHs who have been patiently waiting for full-scale group performances and activities will have to settle for OT5 content for the time being. On July 31st, HIGH UP Entertainment notified their audience of Isa’s ankle injury. The 20-year-old was hurting her right ankle during performance preparation.

“Good day, this is HIGH-UP Entertainment.” We’re writing to let you know about STAYC member Isa’s injuries and to keep you up to speed on the group’s activities. Isa hurt her right ankle today while getting ready for her planned activities and is presently receiving treatment.”

The group also announced via a note that they would not be making an appearance at the SBS Inkigayo show. It is not common practice for groups to perform with injured members present. The booking agency for the girls, however, called off the show. Supporters can take heart in the fact that the three actors are still planning to film ISAC 2022 and their signing session. Isa, however, will not be a part of these occurrences.

“With the exception of Isa, all STAYC members are still slated to attend today’s autograph session and tomorrow’s scheduled recording for MBC’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

The message ended by saying the agency would provide updates on Isa’s health and plans “depending on the course of her recuperation.” When fans heard the news, they wished Isa a speedy recovery. Meanwhile, the ladies are back with a new album, We Need Love, which was released on July 19. The album broke all previous records for first-week sales with 201,072 copies sold, as reported by Hanteo Charts.

Their album YOUNG-LUV.COM previously held the record for the fastest-selling debut with 153,301 copies sold. Additionally, We Need Love is the first album by the female group to sell over 200,000 copies. The increasing demand for their albums shows that the Stereotype girls are becoming more and more well-liked with each new release.

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