• Ruby Hartley

    Ruby Hartley

    London-born Ruby Hartley has established herself as a successful businesswoman, model, actress, theater performer, and television personality. This gorgeous actress has a stellar reputation for her performances. Let me tell you about how…

  • Nicolle Galyon

    Nicolle Galyon

    U.S.-born composer, producer, label executive, and publishing executive Nicolle Galyon wears several hats in the music industry. Many popular artists, including Lady A, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Dan + Shay, Florida…

  • Neil Adams

    Neil Adams

    English judoka Neil Adams has competed for Great Britain in several Olympics and World Championships. He was the first British guy to win a World title and the first to simultaneously claim both…

  • Margery Eagan

    Margery Eagan

    The Jim & Margery Show co-host on American talk radio is Margery Eagan’s most well-known role. She also frequently appears as a guest on ABC, CNN, Fox News, and the radio show Imus…

  • Josh Meyers

    Josh Meyers

    American actor and comedian Josh Meyers works in each of these fields. He is well recognized for playing Randy Pearson in the final season of That ’70s Show and for his parts in…

  • Ronald Wayne

    Ronald Wayne

    American electronics industry veteran Ronald Wayne is well recognized for his role in establishing Apple Computer alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. After that, he liquidated his holdings for $800,000. Then Wayne started…

  • Mercedes Javid

    Mercedes Javid

    It would appear that Mercedes Javid, often known as MJ, is one of the rising stars on Iranian television. She’s not just an actress on TV, but also a real estate agent, therefore…